Our Team

Ricardo Petrazzini

CEO & Co-Founder

Born in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, and with 45 years of experience and learning, Ricardo is a clear reflection of the Argentine entrepreneurial spirit. His academic training began at the Faculty of Astronomy, Mathematics and Physics of the National University of Córdoba, where he studied Mathematics and Physics.

He didn’t stop there; He obtained his degree in Biochemistry and later completed a Master’s Degree in Medical Molecular Biology at the University of Buenos Aires. In addition, he added a Master’s Degree in Business Administration to his resume.

At the age of 26, Ricardo showed his business vision by founding a pathology laboratory that quickly positioned itself among the 10 largest in Argentina. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to found various companies in fields as varied as technology and health.

Today, Ricardo leads as CEO & Co-Founder at Robotic Crew, an innovative company in the field of robotics and Artificial Intelligence, focused on robotic human resources, robot development and specialized software. At the same time, he works as COO and Co-Founder at Globalbitz, focused on the development of BIM projects. In addition, he is Board Member and Co-Founder at Wedevelop, a company dedicated to the development of web software for businesses. These three companies, under the nearshore model, offer their services primarily to the US market, highlighting Ricardo’s ability to understand and meet the demands of the modern business world.

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