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Martin Frigerio

Chief Transfer Officer

Martín was born in Santa Rosa, province of La Pampa, Argentina. Later, he moved to Córdoba, where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with Honors from the National University of Córdoba. Then, he embarked on a new stage in Spain, where he completed his Doctorate in Biotechnology and began to forge relationships with governments and universities, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial profile and his participation in emerging technology companies.

After a decade of experience abroad, Martín returned to Argentina in 2011 and became involved as a legislative advisor in the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Nation. He played a fundamental role in the management and development of bills at the national level, working on various commissions.

Finally, based in Córdoba, he assumed the position of CEO of an institution dedicated to research, development and innovation in the agroindustrial sector. Throughout his career, he has led significant advances that have driven development and innovation in this sector, including the creation and coordination of a public-private scientific technology network that fosters collaboration in the peanut industry.

In addition, he has served as Secretary of Technological Linkage at the Catholic University of Córdoba, where he has promoted solid links between universities and companies, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and innovation. Currently, he chairs the Council of INTA CIAP, where he promotes the advances and development of the techno-agri-food sector in the region. Throughout his career, he has continued his training, acquiring skills in ontological coaching, neuroscience, productive negotiation, and pursuing an MBA.

Martín stands out as a highly experienced professional with a special focus on technological linkage and innovation in the agro-bio-industrial field. His commitment to innovation and technology, as well as his personal interests, make him a complete and enthusiastic person both professionally and personally. In addition, he is a family man, passionate about sailing and climbing, enjoys good music and is a perfectionist in design.

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