Services focus on Warehousing, Logistics & Material Handling

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At ROBOTIC CREW, we offer management staffing for Robotics Operations using the platforms that our customers choose, as well as Robotic Fleet Management.

We aim to redefine excellence through our wide-ranging staffing services. Our focus is providing support and delivering top talent to the Warehousing, Logistics and Material Handling business verticals in the USA.

With our services, you will have the very best operators from Latin America managing your robotic fleet. This will allow you to reduce operating costs, optimize resources, and streamline your robotic operations.

We’re also ready to train employees within your organization. We can create customized training packages that are delivered online. If robot training is required, we have locations in California, Texas and Florida at our disposal.

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Robotic Operations & Robotic Fleet Management Roles

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We recommend our nearshore staffing for these roles:

Route Optimization Specialist

Manages the optimization of robot routes to improve transport efficiency and reduce operation times.

Robot Maintenance Technician

Performs preventive and corrective maintenance on robots to ensure continuous operation.

Robotic Fleet Manager

Important for supervising and coordinating the robotic fleet, ensuring optimal resource distribution and proper maintenance.

Robotic Monitoring and Reporting Specialist

Essential for real-time monitoring of robotic operations, overseeing performance, and generating detailed reports on the operational status.

Robotic Operations Data Analyst

Crucial for analyzing data generated by robotic operations and extracting insights that contribute to monitoring and informed decision-making.


Robotic Operations & Robotic Fleet Management Training Roles

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While we provide this roles remotely, we recommend looking within your organization for these roles:

Robotic Operations Director

Responsible for overall supervision of robotic operations, setting strategic objectives, and ensuring operational efficiency.

Robotic Systems Engineer

Expert in designing, implementing, and maintaining robotic systems, ensuring smooth operation.

Orchestration Platform Manager

Necessary for configuring and optimizing the orchestration platform for effective coordination of robotic operations.

Robotic Security Specialist

Important for ensuring the security of robotic operations and maintaining system integrity, a critical aspect of monitoring.

Robotic Control Software Engineer

Develops and maintains control software necessary for robot operations, ensuring effectiveness and proper integration with the orchestration platform.


Why staff your robotic operations with Robotic Crew?

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Time Zone Alignment

Proximity in time zones enables enhanced working hour overlap, facilitating real-time coordination. We are nearshore.

Platform Agnostic

Certified to work with various Robotic Orchestration and Robotic Fleet Management platforms, adaptable to new platforms.

Cost Efficiency

Leverage cost advantages in Latin America, ensuring quality services for U.S. companies at a reduced cost.


Robotics Engineering Staffing

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At Robotic Crew we can also provide Staffing for any roles in the end-to-end development process for robotics and automation solutions. From Embedded Software Development to Software Integration, or Prototyping and Computer Vision Projects, we’ve got you covered.

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We know how critical it is to have the right professionals on your team, especially in industries like Industrial Robotics, Service Robotics, Sea Tech, Space, Air Mobility and others. The traditional recruiting process can be slow and cumbersome, delaying your progress and goals. At Robotic Crew, we've streamlined the talent acquisition process for you. We specialize in swiftly delivering top talent to your doorstep, eliminating the need for lengthy and inefficient recruiting processes.

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Robotic Crew partners with you to acquire high-quality human resources. We specialize in efficiently delivering top talent to Industrial Robotics, Service Robotics, Sea Tech, Space, and Air Mobility companies.

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